Application Process

  • Book an appointment with CBEH Counselor

    Booking an appointment gives you the opportunity to meet with an experienced counselor in CBEH, who will advise you on the best choice of destination.
  • Apply for admissions

    Having concluded on the destination that best suits your choice, the counselor will request for your academic documents that will be used to facilitate the application process.
  • Receive your offer letter

    An offer letter will be issued by the university if you have met the criteria for admissions.
  • Accept your offer letter

    Once the offer has been accepted a CBEH counselor will guide you on how to make your initial tuition deposit to the Institution.
  • Apply for your visa

    Our Counselors are trained to give you the best advice on your visa applications. They will assist you in preparing the documents required for your visa applications.
  • Prepare for your overseas studies

    After your visa have been filled and successfully granted, you can start preparations for living abroad, including booking for accommodations. A CBEH counselor will schedule a pre-departure briefing with you and also connect you to students over there.